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Your time and talent are welcome and needed at Trinity. You will find great fellowship and great rewards in meeting wonderful people of faith, establishing new friendships and serving God with your gifts. Below is a comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities to get "plugged in" to our ministries. Contact us today! 

Worship and Music 

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Assisting ministers

in worship, leading in the prayers of the congregation during the service.


Communion Assistants,

who help serve Communion to the congregation during worship.



before worship, who seek to be helpful to everyone, both member and guest.



for the Scriptures in worship.



who assist before and during the service

Office Volunteers

Assists in miscellaneous tasks, including bulletin and newsletter assembly.

 Banner Team

Prepares the sanctuary and Chapel for worship and afterward.


Visit hospitalized and homebound members.

Book Club 

Gathers to discuss and review chosen books.

Prayer Team

 Gathers weekly to pray for the needs of congregation members, our communities, and God’s world

Property Team

Oversees maintaining and improving Trinity’s building and grounds.


Designs and makes quilts to be sent via Lutheran World Relief for those in need globally.

Team 1330

Seeks to welcome, integrate, and retain TLC members through community outreach,

 and encouraging all to treat guests and members with hospitality.


This program for Jr. High prepares young people to take a greater role in living their faith.


The governing body of Trinity Lutheran Church (TLC). They are elected to 2 year terms.

Executive Committee

 Serves as the HR committee and as the officers of the Congregational Council.

Funds Investment Committee

Manages bequests to Trinity and all financial investments.


Wednesdays at 1 and Table Talk


Global Mission Team

Responsible for TLC’s mission beyond the United States - Missionary support -  Global Mission Sunday.

TerraCycle Quad Cities

 Provides information on issues of sustainability and faithful stewardship of the earth.

Spearheads recycling throughout our church and congregation.

Harvest Committee

 Provides information on issues of sustainability and faithful stewardship of the earth.

Spearheads recycling throughout our church and congregation.

Hunger Team

Coordinates outreach to address hunger locally and worldwide with Community Meal Mealsites

Library Team

Oversees the use of the TLC library and its resources.

Member Care Team

Cares for the needs of the congregation (food, housing, transportation, yard work etc.)

Gets together to address and send cards to shut in members and their families.


Prayer Shawl Circle

Knits and blesses shawls for sick and grieving members and their families.


Memorial Committee

Guides the use of memorial funds donated to Trinity in accord with families’ wishes.

Women of Trinity

provides fellowship, service, and Bible study to the church’s women. *There are 4 units at Trinity.


provides Christian fellowship, bible study and opportunities for service.

They deliver the altar flowers weekly to the hospitalized and home-bound. give gifts and

a food basket at Christmas for a needy family, and provide baptismal napkins for the church.


 provides leadership for the quilting project and helps set up local apartments for

refugees for world relief. Volunteers within the circle lead in a study lesson each month.


provides opportunities for fellowship, personal and spiritual growth in

addition to enhancing the church building and grounds with flowers,

table settings, and seasonal decorations.


Cares for the pews in the sanctuary, including cleaning

and stocking them with attendance cards and pens.

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