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About us

Mission: Grow in God, Care in Christ, Serve in the Spirit.


Trinity Believes…

That our unity is in Jesus. We strive to share our views honestly while affirming one another as people whom God loves. 

In welcoming all people, especially people and groups who have been marginalized or excluded from other churches.

In serving others, locally and globally, caring for the whole person with intentional and sustained action.

In the Bible as the primary way that God speaks to us, but not the only way. We experience God’s guidance in the people, the experiences, and the world around us. God speaks to us every day, and in many ways, revealing love and grace.

In creative worship, gathering to praise and thank God, to hear God's Word, to know God's grace, to pray, and to share peace.  All are welcome to the Lord's Table to commune with Jesus Christ.

In learning for all people, and that faith is a life-long journey. All of us can grow in our faith and in the ways that faith can surprise us and enrich our lives and communities and transform lives

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