The Journey Home: Perspectives in Easing the Way

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There are many decisions that must be made near the end of a Christian life. This series will give you information, awareness, and planning tips that can provide comfort and peace-of-mind during a difficult time.

 Pastor Larry Conway. 

A Sacred Service and Caring for the Family; The Pastor’s and Church’s Perspective. The Baptismal liturgy indicates that “if we are joined with Christ in a death like his, we shall surely be joined with him in a resurrection like his.” Baptism, lives of faith, and the liturgical year all point us to death and resurrection. The funeral is a Christian service. What does the church and its pastors need to know about your wishes? What should your pastors know about providing care to your survivors?


Mary Jane Dimmer, Parish Nurse and Chon Wherry, Organist.

The Christian Funeral: The Service of Liturgy, Word & Music. The funeral bulletin is something most of us think of only when we are at a funeral. Who decides what readings to use? What hymns to sing? Who will give a eulogy? These decisions are difficult to make under normal conditions. What can you decide now to make your funeral easier on your loved ones?


Attorney Mark Schwiebert.

Worldly Goods, the Estate and the Law; The Legal Perspective. On our earthly journey we acquire stuff. Either we must dispose of it ourselves, leave the task to others to do as they choose, or leave instructions on its dispersal. What legal directives do you need for your “stuff” or for yourself in the event  that you are unable to make medical decisions? Mr. Schwiebert, a local attorney specializing in estate planning, will offer thoughts regarding legal documents you may wish to have in place.


January 26th:  Steve Pressly, President Wheelan-Pressly Funeral Homes.

Personal Remains and Arrangements: The Funeral Home’s Perspective. We all want to provide a fitting tribute to  our loved ones. In the midst of grief, an array of difficult decisions must be made; cemetery plots, caskets, cremation, state regulations, costs, services. Mr. Pressly will offer insight and thoughts on what you can do now to make it easier for your family in a time of grief.


Heather Vattin, R.N. Unity Point Hospice, Moline. 

The Choice for Hospice Care; A Modern Perspective on an Ancient Ministry. One in every three Americans who die this year will receive hospice care. Even though hospice isn’t a new concept (it was founded in the 11th century), what do you know about hospice care? Nurse Heather Vattin will offer some thoughts to help us understand this growing service which provides compassion and care for the dying.