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Grow in God, Care in Christ, Serve in the Spirit - we say this together every Sunday. Even though we each have unique ways we grow in our faith, care for others, and serve our God – these words unite us as a congregation. As we celebrate the beginning of this stewardship season, you are invited to hear a few members share what Trinity means to them and learn about their personal “grow, care, and serve” journey during both worship services on October 29th, November 12th, and November 19th. You may have already received a letter, or viewed the video in services or online. Below you will find links to the letters, the videos and for your convenience, you may click the link to download your estimated giving card, print, fill out and turn in. Thank you for being a part of the ministries of Trinity Lutheran Church. More to come. Check back later to see more videos and information 

Video 1 "Grow"

Video 2 "Care"

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