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Beginning June 26, 2022, Pastor Peter will take on a daily schedule that will allow for more time in the prayer, teaching, and worship with our congregation, and more time in our community meeting people and learning about their attitudes and practices about faith and spirituality. The learning gathered in those conversations will help Trinity plan for the near future.

No present Trinity activities will be changed, everything below is in addition to what is happening now.

This is an explanation of the specific time blocks:

❖ 7:00 am Time for Pastor Peter to do personal preparation for the day.

❖ 8:00 am Group Prayer at 8 am, Sun – Thurs. Approx. 20 minutes.

❖ 12:00 pm Group Prayer/Worship at 12:30; Mon, Wed, Thurs.

❖ Community Outreach/Community Time is time in the community interviewing people or meeting with community leaders about partnerships with Trinity.

❖ There will be a total of 4 Bible Study sessions led by Pastor Peter – Monday and Wednesday are Text Studies – specific Bible books and passages. Thursday is Issue Study – looking at contemporary issues through the lens of the Bible and faith. Two are in the evening so that people who work or have obligations in the daytime can attend a Bible Study. Each Text study will be the same topic each week, and each Issue Study will be the same topic each week.

❖ Open times will be available for conversation and tasks. If you wish to meet with Pastor Peter, these would be good times.

❖ Direction means Spiritual Direction – time set aside for people to discuss, in confidence, spiritual issues and growth.

❖ Study Time is Peter’s time to prepare for Worship, Bible studies, and Direction times.

❖ There will be worship each Wednesday evening, just as we do during Lent, but all year. These will not be full Sunday services, more like the 8 am and 12:30 services and Lent services.

❖ Meals – Lunch and Dinner – are for Pastor Peter to rest and get energy. He is not providing meals!