To leave a message for the following staff members please contact Karen Anderson or the church office at
Dave Meumann, Director of Creative Media Arts
Chon Wherry, Organist/Bell Choir Director
Amber Mrazh, Interim Choir Director
Mary Jane Dimmer, R.N., Minister of Health and Wellness – Parish Nurse  


Amy Roehrs, Children’s Minister
LeAnne Niebruegge, Youth Minister
Blessed Beginnings Preschool
Tina Hayz, Preschool Director — 309-764-7220
Julie Whitten, Preschool Teacher
AnnaMarie Brenan, Classroom Aide
Karen Anderson, Coordinator of Church Operations
Dawn Anderson, Communications Coordinator
Lynn Downey, Receptionist
Carolyn Wilson , Accountant
Dave Behrens, Sexton
Julia Teague, Sexton

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