Live-Stream worship has come to Trinity.  You can participate in worship AS IT HAPPENS through our live stream broadcast. Of course, you will also be able to see the broadcast at your convenience when it is posted after worship. Here are the ways that you can participate in worship:

Effective October 28, 2020 In-Church Worship is suspended for at least 2 weeks.

FIRST, If you want to be in the building, please call the church office at 309-762-3624 or email before noon on Thursday each week.

SECOND, Go to our Facebook Page or our YouTube Channel at the time of worship and enjoy, make sure to like the page so you can get there easily each time.
THIRD, Come to the parking lot and listen to the broadcast on 89.1. Do not watch and listen in your car, the timing of the audio and video is not the same and you will not like it!
FOURTH, watch the service later when it is posted to Facebook and YouTube.