The Trinity Endowment Fund




The Gift That Grows

Distributions from the Trinity Endowment Fund since its inception in 1990 have exceeded $1,350,000. These grants have provided financial support for projects within our church, programs around the world, scholarships to our members and outreach into our community. You may submit requests for funding to the church office.

The committee meets four times a year to consider distributions. Requests should be sent to the church office, ATTN: Trinity Endowment Committee, and should include brief descriptive information and a suggested amount where appropriate.

In order to grow and sustain this program, we encourage Trinity members and friends to consider inclusion of the endowment in their estate planning. A bequest or other planned gift to the endowment is a “gift that keeps giving” for the long term future.


Purpose and Objectives

The Trinity Endowment Fund has been authorized and established by the Congregation of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church. The purpose of this fund is to receive and invest gifts, grants, and bequests of money, securities, and real and personal property of all kinds for the benefit of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church and the community. A primary objective of the Endowment Fund shall be to enhance the mission outreach of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church by providing a fund which will generate income to be generally used for the mission of the Church and its benevolent and charitable purposes outside the congregation, except where otherwise authorized or directed by the terms of the gift.



The Endowment Fund shall be managed and administered by the Trinity Endowment Fund Committee. The Committee meets periodically to review investments and to consider requests for program funding. The committee is appointed by the Congregation Council, which has ultimate control of the fund policies. The funds received will be invested with the objective of protecting the principal and maximizing the income. Unless authorized by congregational action, the principal of the Endowment Fund shall be held intact and only the income distributed each year.


How Does One Contribute to the Endowment Fund?

Contributions may be made in cash, real estate, securities, life insurance, trust fund, or bequest.

Contributions to the Endowment Fund are tax deductible within provisions of federal tax law.


Cash Contributions


Cash contributions, both large and small, to the Endowment Fund can be given at any time for a variety of reasons.


Charitable Life Insurance


Making the Trinity Endowment Fund of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church the beneficiary of a life insurance policy enables you to finance a sizeable gift by the payment of a relatively small annual premium. Both new and existing policies may be used for such gifts. In all cases the Endowment Fund must be named as the irrevocable beneficiary. In that way the annual premiums you pay are tax deductible and the proceeds payable to the Endowment Fund upon your death are exempt from estate and inheritance taxes.


Wills and Bequests


A bequest is a gift made through a will. Those interested should have an attorney draw up a will to assure that property will be distributed in accordance with the donor’s wishes after death. Every person has the privilege of deciding who is to receive his or her estate after death, no matter how small or large the estate.


Every Christian also has a stewardship responsibility of providing for the continuing work of Christ through a portion of assets accumulated through one’s lifetime. These responsibilities may be fulfilled by including a provision for the church in a valid will.


A gift to the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Endowment Fund made by a will provision could be in the form of cash, securities or real estate and such gifts are free of federal estate taxes and inheritance taxes. Your attorney is best qualified to advise you on these matters.

The following suggestions are offered here for discussion with your attorney.

1. General Bequest: “I give and bequeath to Trinity Endowment Fund of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Moline, Illinois, the sum of $xxx (and/or the securities or other property described herein, namely, ____________________).”


2. Residuary Bequest: “All the rest, residue and remainder of my estate both real and personal, I give, devise, and bequeath to Trinity Endowment Fund of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Moline, Illinois.”


3. Contingent Bequest: “In the event __(name of person)__ does not survive me, I give, devise, and bequeath such property to Trinity Endowment Fund of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Moline, Illinois.”


Distribution of Funds

In disbursing income, the Committee emphasis shall be given to causes which are new and different each year. Matters which may be considered for benefits could be:


1) special causes of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church;

2) scholarships or grants to members of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church;

3) outreach in the community or social service agencies and causes to which the Church relates;

4) missions and causes of the Lutheran Church throughout the world.


The Canterbury Trust

The success of the Trinity Endowment Fund is due in large part to the Canterbury Trust. The charitable contributions of Muriel Canterbury have assisted Trinity in accomplishing the Fund’s objectives. Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church was one of six charitable entities to receive the bulk of the estate of Muriel M. Canterbury. The total assets owned at the time of her death exceeded $1,500,000. These assets included investments and interests in gas and oil royalties in the State of Texas.


In 1996 a partial estate distribution added $334,807.35 to the Endowment Fund. Approximately 60% of the year 2002 principal amount of $750,000 can be attributed to the generosity of the Canterbury Trust. We continue to receive oil royalties which have averaged around $40,000 a year for the past five years. During the past 13 years (1989-2001) the Trust has provided over $675,000 in income.


Mrs. Canterbury wished that the members of her family would be remembered in the Quad City community for their charitable contributions.


We remember with sincere appreciation!



At the end of 2007, the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church Endowment Fund passed a significant milestone. The fund started distributions in 1990, and through 2004 over one million dollars ($1,300,000.00) have been given in four areas.

These grants have been distributed for Trinity member scholarships, special capital or other causes within our own church, world/national programs of the ELCA and local community outreach programs. With the objective of greater awareness within our congregation, the following were among the distributions during the first seven months of 2005. Since only the income from contributions to the Endowment Fund is distributed, it has been and continues to be a wonderful gift that just keeps giving.


Tsunami ELCA/Lutheran World Relief

Scholarships to seven Trinity members

Lutheran Youth Organization– Leadership Lab

Marriage and Family Counseling Service

Special Persons Encounter Christ

World Mission Ministry-Japan/Tanzania Followers of Christ Lutheran Church, Plainfield, IL

Lutheran Campus Ministry at Northern Illinois University

Trinity-New stove/oven-Multi Purpose room

Association for Retarded Citizens-Renovation of kitchen

Jenny Lind Chapel, Andover-roof

Global Mission Program-Egypt

Illowa Lutheran Task Force