Confirmation at Trinity is really “Affirmation of Baptism” – the time of preparation to make public affirmation that “I’m ready to be responsible for my own faith development”.  We’re doing our best to create a program that responds to the needs of today’s middle and high school students, and their families. We’ve built in flexibility so that families can do their best to participate.


We believe that the Affirmation of Baptism process is on-the-job training for people of faith. Students will work together, and individually, to learn and grow. The basic components are:

  • Occasional group meetings to cover big topics, such as: Understanding Worship & Music, Church History, Bible Knowledge, and the present-day US religious landscape.
  • Individual research such as: Family Faith Biography, an historical event, My Neighbor’s Faith.
  • Periodic group service projects.
  • Individual service opportunities.
  • Each student will have a mentor to help them.


When the student, parents, mentor, and teachers believe that the student is ready to publicly take on their faith commitment, we’ll schedule a time at a Sunday worship service to do so.