---Why Trinity?

Something pulled you this site. Thank you for acting on that pull. Explore. Seek. Ask questions. Act. That’s what this site is for, that’s what this congregation is for. 
 Grow in God, Care in Christ, Serve in the Spirit

Our Team




Join us each Sunday at 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. to give thanks for our lives, for each other, for the world and be inspired to serve. 

  Both of our services are “come as you are” – no dress code, and no expectation of particular beliefs – all are welcome, from lifetime attendees to seekers and explorers.




From birth to triple digits we believe there is always more to learn about God. We encourage our members, guests, and staff to deepen their faith and we offer many opportunities to do so.
That something that pulled you to this site is calling you to be a life-long learner – about Jesus your life and your life in the world  
Would you like more information about our church and minstries? Please us the link below to conact us and a member of the Trinity Staff will conact you.