The Bible tells us that salvation is ours through belief in Jesus Christ and that we should tell everyone about him.  Telling others of Christ should take precedence in everything that we do.  One way that Trinity carries out this idea is through our Global Mission projects.

Trinity currently sponsors four missionary families with annual gifts of $1,500 for each family.  We also make quilts, Health Kits and School Kits for ELCA- affiliated Global Health Ministries.

Meeting these commitments depends upon the support shown by the Congregation on “Global Mission” and “Missionary” Sundays, not from pledges to our Trinity budget.

This fall on Missionary Sunday, we each have to decide, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to make a special gift to support Trinity Global Mission.  In our daily prayers, we thank God for His blessings, and we ask God to help us meet the needs of others as well.  Our giving, then, is our faithful, loving response to God’s abundant grace.

As a guide, remember that in previous years, we asked the Congregation to tithe for one week.   Even though current personal and family financial needs make such yearly giving seem unrealistic, Tithing for one Sunday might just be possible!

How to figure: Check last year’s Federal Income Tax Return.  Take 10% of the Adjusted Gross Income, and then divide by 52 [weeks/year].  If this figure for weekly tithing is more than your pledged weekly amount, contribute the difference this Sunday.  Thus you tithe this one week!

If you wish to make a specific contribution toward Trinity’s Global Mission projects, we invite you to do so using the “Try-A-Tithe” Sunday envelope from your weekly giving package or use the special “Missionary Sunday” envelopes in the pews. 

Sunday October 2, please make a Fall gift to Trinity Global Mission.

Trinity Global Mission Ministry Team