August 2017
Following is a list of the work to be done to install new lighting for Trinity’s parking lot.
  1.  Disconnect and remove existing light poles
  2.  Existing concrete bases to be removed (the ones in the grass remain)
  3.  Intercept existing conduits in the ground and extend to new locations
  4.  Auger 6 new bole bases and anchors
  5.  Provide and install 6 new concrete pole bases
  6.  Provide and install 5 new 2-headed LED pole lights
  7.  Provide and install 1 new 1-headed LED pole light
  8.  Extend conduit and wiring accordingly
  9.  Re-use existing lighting controls accordingly
10.  Provide necessary equipment to auger and set poles
Here is an outline of the parking lot where the new poles will be.
Here is a picture of how the parking lot will be illuminated.