Arriving 15 minutes before worship starts has many advantages; you have time to visit with friends, you can grab a second cup of coffee, you can secure your favorite pew.  Now there is another, perhaps more important reason to be in the Sanctuary 15 minutes before the service begins.  There are many event details and important information that are presented as a video on the projectors before service.

Affirmation of Baptism -Please join us Sunday, April 30th at the 10::30 service as these confirmands affirm their baptism: Eleanor Blew, Michael Galvin, Brianna Griebel, Jonathan Knuth, Madison Lodico, Megan Lodico, Warren Oestmann, Lauren Williams.

Adult Forums after Easter—”Church and Society” 10:30 a.m. on Sundays in the Chapel. April 30th: Dr. Cyrus Zargar, “Misconceptions About Muslims.” Last fall, Trinity members had so many questions for Dr. Cyrus Zargar, Augustana religion professor, that he offered to return. What common misconceptions do Christians have about Muslims? Where do they come from? How do those misconceptions play into today’s social and political trends?

May 7th: Dr. Dan Morris, “Religion and Politics, Then and Now.” To what extent should the church take a stand on political issues and candidates? Religion professor Dan Morris begins with the Puritans to trace a stream of moral and political activism by certain Christian churches.

Table Talk—Mondays join us at Moe’s Burgers & Brews, 1524 4th Ave, Rock Island at 6:30 p.m. Follow in the example of Martin Luther and discuss today’s events, the Bible, and the Church.

FROG Hop—Register today! The FROG Hop is June 3rd. You can register at

Lunch Bunch—May 3rd at 11:30 in Faith Hall join us for “Quad City Food Hub and Farmers’ market” presented by Madelyn Schoummann. Reservations are $8:00 and are available in Founders Hall Sunday April 30th. Or call Marilyn Harter at 762-2926. Lunch is lasagna and pineapple upside down cake.

“The Church is important to me because…”—How would you finish this sentence? We would love to know and to share your answer in the bulletin. You can even write it on a yellow card and put it in the offering plate.

Ministry Minute

—A big thank you to the Trinity ringers, the Trinity Choir, and the praise Ensemble for the awesome music last week!

Audio Visual Training—

Saturday, May 6th from 2:00—4:00 p.m. Contact Alli Vandermyde at

We’re looking for some of our hearing assist devices that are available for worship. If you have one at home, please bring it back. If you use one weekly, please let us know. We want to provide this service to all who need it. Pastor Larry.

Worship Review—We are in the process of reviewing our worship services, and we want you to be aware! The purpose for this review is to: 1. Review our worship experience at each of our three services; 2. Aid the process of becoming an inviting church; 3. remain faithful to our understanding of the Good News of Jesus. The team members are; Chon Wherry, Dave Meumann, Pastor Larry Conway, Mark & Dana Kruse, Larry Rumler, Jane Bahls, Marsha Judickas, Tari Weeks, and Amy Roehrs. We will keep you informed as we progress, and we welcome your thoughts as well.

May 14th: The Bell choir will be ringing its appreciation to the congregation for the support you have given them!

Do you know someone graduating this May?— We like to honor members of Trinity who graduate from high school, trade school, college or complete a degree. Please help us by e-mailing ( the name of the graduate, name of the school, and degree achieved if applicable. We’d also like to know the high-schoolers’ plan for further education. You may also write the information on a yellow card. Thank you!


Hearing Aids—Those of you that wear a hearing aid or hearing device, please let me know who you went to (Audiologist, Clinic or center), what type of hearing device do you have, and are you pleased with the results? I have several parishioners who are coming to the time when they are considering the purchase and need of hearing aids, so your input will be extremely helpful. I will not identify who gave the information, just a collection of data. Please leave the note with the information at the office or with Mary Jane, Parish Nurse.


National Day of Prayer—May 4th, 2017 gather to pray for our nation. Bettendorf, City Hall, Noon—1:00pm, Coal Valley, Municipal Park, Noon—1:00pm, Davenport, 600 West 4th St, Noon, East Moline, City Hall, Noon—1:00pm, Milan, Milan Municipal Building, 12:15—12:45pm, Moline, City Hall, 2nd floor council chambers, 12:15—12:45pm.


May friendship Day—Friday, May 5th at 1st Lutheran in Moline. Registration at 9:00 a.m. followed by refreshments. No reservations necessary. All are welcome to this Church Women United event.


Mount Union Concert Choir—Thursday, May 8th. This audition only choir is considered one of the foremost college choirs in the Midwest. They are performing a free concert at 7:30 p.m. at Riverside United Methodist Church in Moline.