Adult Forum September 2017

It’s Here in the QC

Our Quad Cities are a cross-section of America. That means that while we have many of the positive things that make this country a good place to live, such as higher education, cultural institutions, a diverse populace, a range of businesses and more, we also have some of the negatives that plague the rest of the country: Racism. Human trafficking. People living in hunger.  Come hear about how these problems affect our neighbors, and what’s being done to solve them. Sunday mornings at 10:30 in the chapel.


Sept. 10:   “I was Hungry” with Betsy Vanausden, outreach coordinator for Churches United of the Quad Cities

America is supposed to be a land of peace and prosperity, yet thousands of people right here in the Quad Cities often go to bed hungry. How can this be, in 2017? Learn about the problem of food insecurity in our community, and what Christians are doing about it through Churches United.


Sept. 17:  “Set Me Free” with Cathy O’Keette, director of Braking Traffik, a program of Family Resources, Inc.

We talk about slavery as if it’s a thing of the past, but worldwide, there are far more human beings in slavery now than when slave owning was legal. That includes the Quad Cities, where children and adults suffer in the shadows as both unpaid, forced laborers and as sex slaves.  Come hear about this harsh reality and about how the Braking Traffik program is addressing it.


Sept. 24:  

“Racism Now”  with Rev. Dr. Melvin Grimes, pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church and cofounder of Village of a Thousand Elders.

It’s 2017 and yet racism is growing in America, or at least growing more visible. To what extent do people of color experience racism in the Quad Cities? When can racial bias be deadly? What can be done about it? Hear how the Village program launched in the Quad Cities has taken root in 28 states.