Adult Forum Sundays at 10:30 a.m. in the Chapel    September 16th Ethics in the News:  Clergy Sex Abuse Dr. Dan Lee will kick off our program year by addressing ethical issues surrounding  sexual abuse by clergy, which is not just a Catholic problem.  Of course it’s wrong to commit the acts in the first place, and wrong to cover it up such that other parishioners are exposed, but what about the question of justice for the victims?  When the damage is already done, how do we balance trying to bring some kind of justice and healing to the victims with the many good things the church can be doing?  Is it fair to bankrupt a congregation, synod or diocese in an effort to repay victims for what was done years ago?  Come grapple with these issues.        

Sundays the 23rd & 30th there will be no Adult Forum so that you may enjoy the Care of Creation Brunch and the Congregational Meeting.